• Gelding
  • 13 years old
  • Chestnut
  • Quarter Horse
  • Stripe & Sock on left hind, Pastern on right front

We found Gandalf in 2014 as well. He’s younger and was ridden western. Probably he was used for ranch work, but all in all is a big sweet pet. He still needs some guidance when jumping, preferring to trot or step right over logs and poles, but will honestly go over them if ridden to it!
Gandalf is used in walk/trot/canter lessons for transitioning beginners to advanced riders. His big forward movements being quicker than most fresh beginners are used to, but his sweet personality is already shining through and turning him into a great lesson horse. He reminds us of Skit in looks and Bill in the way he moves. Big horseshoes to fill, but a great legacy to follow. We’re so glad to have him at Scotsgrove!

Country                       Lesson                       Jake